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Dainties Macaron Review

Hello Everyone, Hope you are going through a fantastic week. I am here again on my blog pouring down my thoughts and reviews on some of the known restaurants of Toronto, Canada.

Most of us are great fan of desserts, i would not say “SO AM I” because i am not ..haha.. Yes, but i do love exploring and trying out different cuisine including the sweet dishes.

Today i would like to pen down my reviews on one of the most famed and prominent dessert ” Macaron”. Yes, you got it right – The small round cakes with a meringue-like consistency, made with egg whites, sugar, and powdered almonds and a creamy filling in between.

Dainties Macaron:

I will first start with Dainties Macaron which is based out of Toronto, Spadina Avenue.

If you are walking in downtown towards the Chinatown, you will find this cute shop on the way and they are known for both Macarons and ice cream filled sandwiches. The best part of this patisserie is everything is in house and freshly baked.

I visited the place last week and did find many interesting options available. There were about 14 distinct flavours of Macaron ( $2.95) each and 8 larger Macarons filled with Ice-cream ( $6.95) each. Some of the amazing flavours listed were Red Velvet, Vanilla, Green Tea a.k.a Motcha, Earl Gray, Vanilla, Milk Tea, Oreo, Kit Kat etc..

All of them were really sweet and crumbly. You can literally enjoy the strong blended flavors in each bite. Another thing which i liked about the place was the size of the Macaron ( It was not the usual size as seen in any other french cafe). All the Macaron cake were neatly packed in an individual case.

The most distinctive feature of this Macaron was the cream filling which was made with butter cream, It was blending perfectly with the outer Meringue covering. 2 of my personal favorites were Red Velvet ( which reminds of an Indian dessert and takes me back to my childhood days) and Kit Kat Macaron ( that actually had a piece of kit kat in between making it more attractive).

Butter Cream has the tendency to melt easily so if you are planning to take away, they would recommend you to pack it along with an ice pack ( which they already have it handy).

I could not try the Ice cream filled sandwiches Macaron but would definitely go for another visit to try the same. I would stronly recommend everyone to visit Dainties Macaron and indulge with a creamy twist in your life :).

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