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Millie Patisserie – Crepe Cakes Reviews

The weather in Canada is changing , It is September and the cooler temperature is providing relief from the heat and humidity of August. The leaves on the trees begin their transformation to absolutely stunning shades of orange, yellow and maple red.

Now, who is having some sweet craving in this weather ? Is it you..? haha..Then, let me tell you about a fantastic patisserie where i went over the weekend to indulge in the sweetness of “Crepe Cake”. Crepe is very famed French dish, it is so popular in France that there is a day dedicated for eating the same- February 2nd – Crepe Day

Crepes is quite similar to the American Pancakes or the Indian Dosa. So, basically there are 2 types of crepes – Sweet and Savory. The sweet crepe is made out of -all purpose flour, eggs and sugar. The savory crepe is made with buckwheat flour which makes it more nutty and gives it a chewy texture. The batter of the crepe should be very thin and should not be airy/fluffy. The end result should be slim and extremely soft. The dish might sound very easy but you definitely need some mastered skills to make perfect crepes.

Crepe Cakes are basically 10-12 layers of crepes layered using Whipped Cream/condensed milk. It can be further customized by adding various flavours to the batter. There is one Crepe cake which went viral over the internet and was eaten by almost all the mukbangers – Rainbow Crepe Cake a.k.a Unicorn Crepe cake.

Coming back to Millie Patisserie you can find this little shop while taking an exit at the Spadina Avenue, at Oxley Street. I went to this shop over the weekend and they had 4 flavors of Crepe Cake. When i spoke to the lady at the shop, understood that their flavours and options keeps changing with the weather. The ones listed were the Matcha ( $8.90) Earl Gray ( $8.90) Tiramisu ( $8.74) and Vanilla Bean ( $8.74).

Not a huge fan of tea so opted to eat the tiramisu and the vanilla bean. One bite into their crepe cakes and you’ll forget anything exists around you but the burst of flavor and texture in your palate. They were not too sweet, they were light, creamy and buttery. Yes, it was definitely a freshly prepared batch of crepe cake.

So impressed! After days of wanting to try the Crepe Cake, it was worth the wait and the price. I can only imagine the amount of work it would take to put this together to give such awesome end result. They also had good options of Cheesecake and Ice Creams. The ice cream flavors were quite distinctive like the Thai Ice Tea, Pandan, Coconut, Black Sesame and Yuzu. I could not try their Ice Cream and Cheese cake but i am very certain that i will go again to try them.

Whether you are a dessert fan or not, you should and must try this patisserie and trust me you will never regret. It is shop with little seating arrangements so you can even plan for take aways.

I am posting below the picture of Tiramisu and Vanilla Bean Cake. Also, i will add the picture of most famous Rainbow Crepe Cake ( which is not available in the shop but ofcourse in my to-eat list ) πŸ™‚

Tiramisu and Vanilla Bean @ Millie Patisserie

Rainbow Crepe Cakes

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