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Labothery – Bubble Tea Reviews

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Its already Thursday, the week is about to end and the Canadians are more pumped up for the weekend as it as a ” LONG WEEKEND” πŸ™‚ So, what are your plans for the weekend ? Shopping/Travelling/Restaurants?

So, if you plan to go to Toronto Downtown towards the Bay Street you will find one unique shop which is called ” Labothery”. And, today I am going to pen down my reviews on Labothery – One of the most famous places for bubble tea.

This place happens to be very near to my workplace and me being a huge bubble tea fan I end up picking up my favorite beverage every now and then. You might be thinking why am I calling this place unique. Yes, this place is one- of a kind, it is a place where you can make your own bubble Tea.

So, as the name suggests Labothery, it is outlined and mapped out just like a laboratory. As you enter the shop you will see the staffs wearing the long white Lab coats, towards the left side you will also see the flavored tea packed in syringes and test tubes.When I talk about the flavour they have an amazing collection of Peach/Mango/Lychee/Grape/Raspberry/Taro/Durian and Rose. You can grab one of those flavors and then you will see 3 varieties of sugar syringes – Maple Syrup/Brown Sugar and White Sugar which can choose as per your liking.

I like my tea sugar free and milk free and hence did not really select any sugar substitute ( as the tea flavor is itself strong ). After the syringes are selected you will find a sliding chamber which is my most liked part..haha..

Yes, now, here comes the bubble effect – the POPPING BOBA. They have a wide variety of pearls/ popping boba like Blueberry, Green Apple, Honey, Aloe Vera, Kiwi, strawberry etc. Popping boba has a thin, gel-like skin with juice inside that bursts when squeezed. The ingredients for popping boba generally consist of water, sugar, fruit juice or other flavors.

Apart from the popping pearls, they also have a wide variety of flavored Tapioca and jelly. Now, once you have selected your required syringes and boba, you can proceed to the counter and ask the Lab Technicians to make the tea for you. They usually mix it with a green tea or a black tea base.

My personal favourite of all is the Pearl flavor mixed with the Green Tea induced with the Green apple popping Boba. The cost of each tea is $7.95 and if you get the chewy tapioca or the Soy Milk added they charge an additional $1 and also 25 cents for the maple syrup or the brown sugar.

I literally love every sip of my tea. It is a perfect blend of the Green tea mixed with the peachy flavor with some sweet bursts of the Green Apple pearl. To my understanding i feel that whatever combination you choose it will taste amazing. The place is nice and clean and very well managed by the staff.

I would recommend everyone to visit this place at least once and experience the creative yet cool place of bubble tea. You will love every bit of it. I am posting a picture below of the Peachy Tea with Green Apple Boba.

Bubble Tea

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