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Hope everyone had a blast over the thanksgiving weekend. Yes, the American harvest season has started and so is the onset of the fall. Thanksgiving is the best time to gather with family/friends/relatives and eat a lot of food πŸ™‚

I too celebrated my long weekend in the most ethnic French province of Canada – Quebec City. It was the best time to visit the city to see the various colors of the fall and to get amused by the Halloween celebrations all over the city. The finest part of the city is the charming architecture and the original french settlers in the area built in an architectural style similar to the French style.

Now, how can I talk about Quebec and do not mention the food and desserts? Yes, I did try quite a variety of cuisines there and would like to log my review on one of the middle eastern restaurant called – Saveurs Du Monde.

If you are in Quebec city and walking at the Rue St.John Street you will find this restaurant ( opposite to Thai express). This place had many options of middle eastern food starting from Appetizers to Entree to Dessert. The thing I liked about this place was the combo option pinned with every dish, this way you can try number of dishes in the same plate in an affordable rate. They had many variations of sandwiches ( Chicken/Mutton and Beef) clubbed with fries and a soft drink. They also had good options of Shawarma and Falafel ( Veg/Chicken/Mutton) plate clubbed with Cheese poutine.

If you are not inclined towards the sandwiched and wraps options, you can even go for the Salad recipe which contains a Pasta cooked in chilli and turmeric sauce clubbed with varieties of veggies and shredded chicken or mutton. The recipe which I tried as an Entree was the Kabab Platter. The Kabab Platter had cooked pulao rice with Chicken kabab/Mutton Kabab/Beef Kabab paired with lettuce/cucumbers/Bell peppers and French Fries. The cost of the chicken kabab platter was $10.99 and the cost for the mutton kabab platter was $12.99. They also had an option of combining both chicken and mutton kabab with an additional $2.99.

I really liked the texture of the chicken and Mutton. They were evenly cooked and of course quite flavorful. The rice was cooked in herbs and spices and gave an amazing taste to the palate. They also served cream cheese and hummus as a side sauce and it was perfectly amalgamating with the recipe. The fries in the plate were hot and crunchy. I am not a very big fan of fries, hence could not eat the complete portion of it.

Now, there is one thing I did observe in the restaurants and that was their Dessert – Baklava. They had almost 10 different flavors of Baklava and each one of them looked very tempting. Unfortunately, there was no room left to try the desserts but I have read that they have the best Baklava in the town.

Overall the experience was very pleasant. They had tasty food, friendly staff members and the place was clean and defined. So, if you get a chance to visit Quebec city and if you want to take a break from the American and French Cuisine, do try this place. I will also re visit this place for sure ( to try the Baklava πŸ˜‰ ).

I am posting a picture below the Kabab platter.

kabab platter

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