Maezo Restaurant Reviews

Happy Halloween my dear friends,

So how are you all doing ? And how is your Halloween preparation? Frankly speaking me being born and brought up in India, have always been very amazed by this day. I love how people dress themselves and do appreciate the aged custom of “TRICK OR TREAT”. This is a festival where Kids enjoy the gifts, nuts, coins, toys from the neighbors and the school.

I can also see fancy and spooky decorations all around especially the carved pumpkins. The tradition of carving faces into vegetables dates to the Celts. As part of their autumnal celebration, they wanted to light the way to their homes for the good spirits, so they carved faces into vegetables such as turnip/ squash and pumpkin. A similar kind of belief and mythology is also followed in some parts of Southern India.

Now, talking about trick or treat, how can we miss on an amazing lunch feast.?

So, today I will be carving my thoughts and reviews on Maezo Restaurant located at the Bay and Richmond intersection in Toronto Downtown. We had a wonderful merry lunch today the same place and I must say this is one of the best chosen Indian restaurant of Toronto. I have tried Indian cuisines at many restaurants but the flavors here are simply authentic in nature.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is excellent to sit down, relax and indulge into a great dining experience. They have a decent seating arrangement and is pretty well managed by the staff. The manager of the restaurant took personal care for each of the customer, providing her valuable suggestions on what to eat based on the taste palate.

So, the menu is not vast and intense. They had limited items listed on the menu which i believe is actually a positive point for the restaurant. They had about 6-8 starters in the menu ( both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian ) and had a variety of fusion items for the starters like Masala Macaroni, Butter chicken Punjabi Poutine, Monsoon Basket, Street style samosa chaat and others.

We did order Malai Chicken Kabab and I must say it was one of the best kabab I had in Canada. It had a tinge mix of everything in one bite – Like Yogurt, heavy cream,ginger, garlic and lime juice. I could not try the other above listed veggie starters but they looked pretty tempting too.

Coming to their Entrees, the best thing I liked about the place is almost everything on the curry or the rice dishes costs $15-$20. You can choose one curry and can club it with Naan or Plain Rice/Pulao/Jeera Rice or both. They also had chicken,lamb and vegetable biryani to the menu. I did order Vegetable biryani ( asked to add little Indian spice), and take my words, i literally enjoyed each and every bite of my Biryani. The Biryani was perfectly spiced with all Indian spices loaded with Peas, Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Caramelized onions. The onions added to the dish was giving it a flaky texture and I could feel its perfect crunch in each bite.

I did also try the Mutton Roganjosh with little Naan on the side. It reminded of the the slow cooked mutton from Rajasthan. The flavors where on the mark and simply astounding. My colleagues did also try the butter chicken and chicken Korma ( lightly spiced) and provided really positive feedback on the taste.

Another thing i liked about the place is the portion size of the dish. One dish fulfills one portion size of a person and is just sufficient to make you full 🙂 . The staff members were very friendly and cooperative and especially the manager of the place was an amazing person and light hearted lady and loved her hospitality and generosity.

We also got a good discount on the dessert just to ease the mood of Halloween 😀

So, anytime you get to visit Toronto Downtown and if you are walking towards Nathan Philip Square, do hop in to the restaurant.I am sure you will love it 🙂

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