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How are you all keeping yourselves ? You might be thinking that I keep asking about the weather but the climate indeed urges that feeling inside me ..haha..Nevertheless, I hope each one of you is feeling good and keeping yourself nice and warm.

Its been a very long time, since I wrote a food review and today I thought why not ? I went to this absolutely ethnic place in Mississauga, Toronto during the weekends with my friends and I thought of sharing my experience with everyone. The place is called Karahi Boys which is near to the Heartland City Centre in Mississauga.

This restaurant basically serves original Pakistani cuisine – Lahore/Karachi and the taste is simply so genuine and authentic. This place expects a lot of rush and when I say lot i literally mean lottttt..They usually do not take any bookings over phone or email due to the overwhelming crowd and the only option is to visit the place. If you are lucky enough, you will get a seat, if not you might have to wait for your turn . The expected wait time is : 20-25 mins.

The interiors of the place is well decorated and maintained. The staffs are usually friendly and cooperative. They do not have an extensive menu to choose from which I think is the best part and the most convenient part.They do have couple of Chicken/Mutton and seafood starters starting $13.99-$15.99. They have chicken and mutton dishes listed on their main course like : Karahi Boys special chicken, Potahari Chicken, Lahori Karahi Chicken , Namak Mandi Mutton Curry etc..

The most distinctive feature of the menu is that for each main course item they provide you an option of selecting either half kilograms or 1 kilograms. 1/2 Kgs is enough for 2-3 people, whereas 1 kgs can serve to about 5-6 people. The 1/2 kgs costs $19.99 and 1 kg costs about $24.99.

I did hear and read in my recent past that they have these cooking pots ( karahi) which has been brought from Pakistan. They cook the dishes with the original spices in the pot and the same gets served directly from the grill to the table. The helps in retaining an original taste to the dish. You can also ask them to adjust the spice levels accordinly.

My personal favorite among all is – Karahi Boys Chicken curry and Namak Mandi Goat curry. Both of these dishes gets burst with immense flavour. The spices gets nicely cooked and gets properly coated to the meat which makes it even more tender and juicier. Trust me my friends, You will love each and every bite of the curries like I do :).They also serve a family Naan costing $4.99 each which are brought out on a special stand. The Naan goes very well with the chicken and the mutton and it has decent crisp and flakiness to it.

They also have good varieties of Biryani and other curry items which I did not get a chance to eat because I only concentrate on my personal favorite whenever I go there ..haha.. So, if you are planning to visit Mississauga for shopping or with friends, you must definitely try this place out and you will never regret your decision.

I could not take any pictures of the ordered dishes but will upload it during my next visit.

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