Rainbow Crepe Cake Recipe

Hello Everyone,

How did the weekend go ? I know the weather in Canada is fluctuating , while each one of us were waiting for the sunlight, it suddenly turned a little windy and chilly. The weather here is unpredictable and uncertain.

I actually enjoyed this weekend, do you know why ? Because it was my birthday and my friends surprised me with a Unicorn Red Velvet Cake which was super delicious. Also, this weekend, we made the most awaited Cake on my bucket list – Yes Rainbow Crepe Cake πŸ™‚ . I tried it for the very first time in Toronto Downtown and straight away I fell in love with that dessert. In 2018-2019, this dessert went viral among YouTube Mukbangers and ASMRs ( due to its soft and squishy texture).

It is really a very simple recipe, however needs a lot of patience due to the various food colors involved in making the cake. The layers has to duly placed and assembled and can be layered with various fillings like Whipped Cream/Nutella/Cream Chesse/Lemon curd etc. I did use the simple whipped cream.

So, without much ado, lets start the recipe !!

Preparation Time : 15 minutes, Cooking Time : 60 minutes, Calories : 120/serving


  1. Eggs – 5
  2. All Purpose Flour – 280 gms
  3. Milk – 710 Ml
  4. Butter – 6 tablespoons melted
  5. Sugar – 7 tablespoons
  6. Food Color – VIBGYOR ( Violet/Indigo/Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange/Red)
  7. Whipped Cream – 1.6 Lt

Directions :

  1. In a mixing Bowl, take 35% full fat whipped cream and start beating it using an egg beater until soft peaks are formed. Please add sugar to the whipped cream as per your taste. We just added 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  2. In another mixing bowl start preparing the cake batter.
  3. For preparing the cake batter, add the eggs, all purpose flour, milk, butter and sugar. Mix it very well so that no lumps are formed.
  4. Now, transfer the batter equally in 7 bowls and start adding food color to it. First Bowl should have Violet color, second one should be Indigo and so on..
  5. On a nonstick skillet over medium heat, pour little purple crepe batter, and tip the pan to cover the entire bottom surface. Cook the crepe, it begins to gently bubble and cook through, then flip. Repeat until all of the different color crepe batter is used. We were able to make 2 crepes of each color.
  6. Stack crepes on top of each other, starting with purple, then blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, with whipped cream between each layer.
  7. Cover the Crepe cake entirely with whipped cream on the outside.
  8. Place it in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes.
  9. Slice,serve and enjoy !!

We enjoyed the cake thoroughly and loved every bite of it. Please note that the indigo color is not easily available in the stores so you can replace it with a similar blue textured color.

Please do try making this recipe at home and let me know how it turns out to be. Please do like, share and follow me on WordPress and Instagram @aanchal6867.

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