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How to make Veg Momos/Dumplings

Hello Everyone,

As the sayins goes – “better late than never”, I am back again on my blog and this time with an embedded video clip as well, as promised in my last blog content. This time tried my hands on making vegetable momos/dumplings and I was happy with the outcome considering the first attempt factor. I would sincerely request all of you to go through the embedded video clip and let me know on if you have feedback or need any improvements.

Momos are similar to Chinese dimsum and Korean Mandu, basically a steamed filled dumpling. The filling can be prepared with vegetables, cottage cheese or any other meat. It then either cooked on a steamer or even fried for a crunchy texture. I personally like the vegetarian option, so here goes the recipe !!

Preparation Time : 40 minutes; Cooking Time – 40 mins; Calories : 35 calories/piece

Ingredients : –

For the dough : –

  1. All purpose Flour – 250 gms
  2. Salt – as per taste
  3. Oil – 2 tbsp

For the stuffing : –

  1. Oil – 15 ml
  2. Finely chopped cabbage – 200 gms
  3. Finely chopped carrots – 150 gms
  4. Finely chopped bell peppers – 50 gms
  5. Salt – as per taste
  6. Black pepper powder – as per taste

For steaming : – Use 500 ml water and for Frying : – Use 5-6 ml oil on a non stick pan.

Directions : –

For the dough : –

  1. In a mixing bowl, add the all purpose flour and little salt ( as per your taste) and mix it using your hands. Also, add 2 tbsp oil to it.
  2. Make a soft dough out of it, by adding little water in parts. Make sure the dough is soft and not sticky.
  3. Once the dough is ready, cover the bowl and keep it aside for 30 mins.

For the veggie stuffing : –

  1. While the dough is resting, in a pan add little oil and allow it to get heated.
  2. Once the oil gets heated up, add in the chopped cabbage, chopped carrots and chopped bell peppers. You can add any vegetable/meat of your choice like ginger/grated beans/cottage cheese/grated cauliflower/grated soya/grated chicken or lamb.
  3. Cook the vegetables partly in the pan on a medium flame. Do not overcook the veggies, as they would get cooked further while steaming/frying.
  4. Add in little salt and black pepper powder as per your taste.
  5. Turn off the heat after 7-8 mins and keep the veggies aside.

Assembling : –

  1. Once the dough has rested for 30 mins, make small balls out of it and start rolling it into small circles using rolling pin. ( You can refer to my video to understand it better).
  2. Apply very little oil to the edges of the dough circle and place little veggie stuffing/filling over the centre.
  3. Press the edges and bring them all together to form a small mould. You can mold it of any shape and size of your choice. Press it lightly using your fingers to prevent it from breaking.
  4. Repeat the same steps for all other dough balls.

Steaming : –

  1. In a large vessel add 500 ml. Close the lid of the pan and bring it to boil.
  2. Arrange the assembled momos in the steamer. Once the water has been boiled place it inside the vessel and let it cook further. Steam it for 15-20 mins until the surface gets shiny and translucent.
  3. Once the momos are steamed, take it out on a serving plate.

Frying : –

  1. Another way of cooking momos, is by pan-searing it.
  2. Apply little oil on a non-stick pan and allow it to heat for few mins.
  3. Once the oil gets heated up, place the assembled momos on it. Ensure to keep the flame on medium-high.
  4. After 3-4 mins, add quarter cup water to the pan and immediately close the lid of the pan.
  5. Cook it further for 5 more mins or until the water evaporates.
  6. Once the water evaporates, open the lid of the pan and cook it further for 3-4 mins.
  7. Make sure you are not flipping the moms. One side should be evenly steamed and the other side should be crunchy.

Momos are now ready to be eaten. You can have it with spicy chilli red sauce, chilli garlic oil or even mayonnaise. Please do try this at your home and drop a comment down below or in the video. Also, do not forget to like, share and subscribe to my channel πŸ™‚

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