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My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


How to make Kale chips

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are keeping yourself safe and secured . I know the days are not great, but together we can make it happen, lets keep walking along for just a little while.

Again, I am not very regular with my posts these days but I am trying my best to post in the near future. I do have also realized the importance of bone health in the past few months and want to emphasize its importance. Strong bones and muscles protect against injury and improves balance and coordination. In addition active adults experience less joint stiffness and improved flexibility.

I do try to ensure to include more calcium and vitamins in my day to day eating routine. Also, since I am not a huge fan of milk, hence I try to alternate it with other calcium rich diet like – yogurt/cheese/Brussel sprouts and yes my recent favorite Kale.

So, without much ado, lets get started with the recipe of Kale chips:-

Preparation Time : 10 minutes, Cooking Time : 45 mins

Ingredients : –

  1. Kale bunch – 500 gms
  2. OIive oil – 1-2 tbps
  3. Salt – as per taste
  4. Garlic powder – 1 tbsp

Directions : –

  1. Pre-heat your oven at 150 degree Celsius for 6 mins.
  2. Discard the kale stems and wash the leaves thoroughly. Drain out all the water from Kale.
  3. Now, add olive oil, salt and garlic powder to the kale leaves and give it a nice mix.
  4. Transfer the leaves to a baking tray.
  5. Bake it at 150 degree Celsius for 15 mins. Open the oven gate, and cook it again for 15 mins. Repeat the step again until it gets crunchy and lightly brown ( 3- 4 times are enough for a crunchy batch).

I know its super easy to make yet super delicious. Please do try this at home and let me know how it turns out to be. Also, for more such recipes, please follow me on Instagram and WordPress @aanchal6867.

Tutti -Fruity Cake

Eggless Tutti-Fruity Cake Recipe

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. Hope you all had a rocking time in March and I wish that upcoming year brings lot of happiness and positivity for everyone out there. I would like to sincerely apologize for not posting anything in March..Let me tell you my friends, that I was not keeping well. I know it took a little while for me to heal back but now I am back again posting new content and video.

This one recipe was in my bucket list for very long, finally got a chance to bake it and the outcome was quite satisfactory. Yes, as the title suggests – Tutti Fruity cake. You know what, this cake takes me back to my childhood days, when we used to eat the “Britania Marie Cake”. That was indeed one of my favorite school snack and I used to munch on it every now and then.

So, without much ado, lets start the recipe !!

Ingredients : –

  1. All Purpose Flour – 200 gms
  2. Baking Soda – 1 tbsp
  3. Baking Powder – 1 tbsp
  4. Butter – 100 gms
  5. Yogurt – 120 gms
  6. Sugar – 90 gms
  7. Vinegar – 1 tsp
  8. Vanilla Extract – 1 tsp
  9. Tutti Frutti – 3 tbsps or as much as you want!
  10. Milk – Approx 120 ml

Directions : –

  1. Preheat the oven at 180 degree Celsius for 6 mins.
  2. In a mixing bowl, add the dry ingredients – All purpose flour, baking powder and baking soda. Give it a nice mix.
  3. In another bowl, add in the wet ingredients – Yogurt, melted butter, sugar, vinegar and vanilla extract. Mix it well until the sugar dissolves completely in yogurt.
  4. Now, transfer the contents of the wet ingredients and add it to the dry ingredient. Mix the batter using spatula.
  5. At this point, you will see that batter is too thick, add little milk ( Approx 120 ml) for a perfect consistency.
  6. Coat the Tutti-fruity chunks with1 tbsp of all purpose flour and mix it with the batter.
  7. Transfer this batter to a baking tray and bake it for 50-55 mins at 180 degree Celsius.

The cake is now ready to be eaten. You can also add 2 eggs in place of Yogurt and vinegar if you want to bake it using eggs. But, there is not much of flavor difference between the two.

I am also linking the YouTube video, so that you can refer to it directly : –

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Food Recipe

How to make Veg Momos/Dumplings

Hello Everyone,

As the sayins goes – “better late than never”, I am back again on my blog and this time with an embedded video clip as well, as promised in my last blog content. This time tried my hands on making vegetable momos/dumplings and I was happy with the outcome considering the first attempt factor. I would sincerely request all of you to go through the embedded video clip and let me know on if you have feedback or need any improvements.

Momos are similar to Chinese dimsum and Korean Mandu, basically a steamed filled dumpling. The filling can be prepared with vegetables, cottage cheese or any other meat. It then either cooked on a steamer or even fried for a crunchy texture. I personally like the vegetarian option, so here goes the recipe !!

Preparation Time : 40 minutes; Cooking Time – 40 mins; Calories : 35 calories/piece

Ingredients : –

For the dough : –

  1. All purpose Flour – 250 gms
  2. Salt – as per taste
  3. Oil – 2 tbsp

For the stuffing : –

  1. Oil – 15 ml
  2. Finely chopped cabbage – 200 gms
  3. Finely chopped carrots – 150 gms
  4. Finely chopped bell peppers – 50 gms
  5. Salt – as per taste
  6. Black pepper powder – as per taste

For steaming : – Use 500 ml water and for Frying : – Use 5-6 ml oil on a non stick pan.

Directions : –

For the dough : –

  1. In a mixing bowl, add the all purpose flour and little salt ( as per your taste) and mix it using your hands. Also, add 2 tbsp oil to it.
  2. Make a soft dough out of it, by adding little water in parts. Make sure the dough is soft and not sticky.
  3. Once the dough is ready, cover the bowl and keep it aside for 30 mins.

For the veggie stuffing : –

  1. While the dough is resting, in a pan add little oil and allow it to get heated.
  2. Once the oil gets heated up, add in the chopped cabbage, chopped carrots and chopped bell peppers. You can add any vegetable/meat of your choice like ginger/grated beans/cottage cheese/grated cauliflower/grated soya/grated chicken or lamb.
  3. Cook the vegetables partly in the pan on a medium flame. Do not overcook the veggies, as they would get cooked further while steaming/frying.
  4. Add in little salt and black pepper powder as per your taste.
  5. Turn off the heat after 7-8 mins and keep the veggies aside.

Assembling : –

  1. Once the dough has rested for 30 mins, make small balls out of it and start rolling it into small circles using rolling pin. ( You can refer to my video to understand it better).
  2. Apply very little oil to the edges of the dough circle and place little veggie stuffing/filling over the centre.
  3. Press the edges and bring them all together to form a small mould. You can mold it of any shape and size of your choice. Press it lightly using your fingers to prevent it from breaking.
  4. Repeat the same steps for all other dough balls.

Steaming : –

  1. In a large vessel add 500 ml. Close the lid of the pan and bring it to boil.
  2. Arrange the assembled momos in the steamer. Once the water has been boiled place it inside the vessel and let it cook further. Steam it for 15-20 mins until the surface gets shiny and translucent.
  3. Once the momos are steamed, take it out on a serving plate.

Frying : –

  1. Another way of cooking momos, is by pan-searing it.
  2. Apply little oil on a non-stick pan and allow it to heat for few mins.
  3. Once the oil gets heated up, place the assembled momos on it. Ensure to keep the flame on medium-high.
  4. After 3-4 mins, add quarter cup water to the pan and immediately close the lid of the pan.
  5. Cook it further for 5 more mins or until the water evaporates.
  6. Once the water evaporates, open the lid of the pan and cook it further for 3-4 mins.
  7. Make sure you are not flipping the moms. One side should be evenly steamed and the other side should be crunchy.

Momos are now ready to be eaten. You can have it with spicy chilli red sauce, chilli garlic oil or even mayonnaise. Please do try this at your home and drop a comment down below or in the video. Also, do not forget to like, share and subscribe to my channel 🙂

Veg Jalfrezi
Food Recipe

How to make Veg Jalfrezi

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying this chilly season and snowy winters. As promised, very soon I am coming up with the food videos as well that would be hyperlinked with my posts and I am really excited to share it with everyone. Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

Now, the recipe I am sharing today is truly close to my heart as this one’s is my father’s favorite too and we used to order it almost every time we ate outside. Yes, this one’s is – Veg Jalfrezi originated in Bengal and then eventually got popular throughout the Indian subcontinent. It consists of ingredients such as meat, fish, paneer or vegetables, stir-fried and served in a thick spicy sauce that includes green chilli peppers. Common further ingredients include bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. Jalfrezi is usually prepared by stir-frying ingredients, a technique introduced to the region by chinese cuisine.

According to me, the two distinguishing ingredients for this recipe that enhances the flavor are – Nutmeg Powder and Tomato ketchup.

So, without much ado, lets get started with this healthy and hearty curry : –

Preparation Time : 15 minutes; Cooking Time : 40 mins ; Calories : 160-170/serving

Ingredients : –

  1. Oil – 30 ml
  2. Chopped Onions – 1 large
  3. Chopped Tomato – 1 medium sized
  4. Chopped green chillies – 2 -3
  5. Ginger garlic paste – 1/8 tablespoon
  6. Sliced potato – 1 large
  7. Sliced Bell peppers – 1 large
  8. Sliced carrots – 1 large
  9. Paneer cubes – 150 gms
  10. Green Peas – 80 gms
  11. Salt – As per taste
  12. Turmeric Powder – 1 tablespoon
  13. Coriander Powder – 1 tablespoon
  14. Red Chilli Powder – 1/2 tablespoon
  15. Nutmeg Powder – 1/4 tablespoon
  16. Tomato Ketchup – 2 and 1/2 tablespoons
  17. Garam Masala Powder – 1/2 tablespoon
  18. Vinegar – 1/2 tablespoon

Directions : –

  1. In a pan, add little oil and allow it to heat for sometime.
  2. Add in the sliced potatoes/bell peppers/green beans ( optional)/ green peas and carrots. Add little salt and stir fry the veggies on a medium flame until they are cooked. You can cover the lid of the pan for 5-7 mins so that the veggies are properly cooked.
  3. While the veggies are getting cooked, in another pan add little oil. Once heated add the ginger garlic paste.
  4. Once the rawness of the ginger-garlic paste goes away, add the chopped onions and green chillies and fry it for 2 mins until the onions gets translucent.
  5. Now is the time to add the spices- salt, turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder and nutmeg powder. Cook the spices additionally for 2-3 mins.
  6. Now, add the tomatoes and mix it well. Cook until the tomatoes turn mushy. This can take upto 5-7 minutes.
  7. To the onion and tomato base gravy, add in the stir-fried veggies (cooked in step -2). Add paneer cubes and cover the lid of the pan and cook it for 4-5 mins until the paneer softens.
  8. At this point, add the vinegar and tomato ketchup. Mix again and turn off the heat.

You can top it up with coriander leaves or eat it as it is !! Enjoy it with hot phulkas/Tandoori roti or Naan.

Please do try this at home and let me know how it goes. Also, if you like the content of my blog, please follow me on WordPress and Instagram @aanchal6867

Food Recipe

Keto Bhaji Recipe

Hello Everyone,

A very happy and a cheerful Monday to each one of you out there. I just hope everyone’s keeping themselves safe and shielded . With lots of positive news and glad tidings transiting the way, lets keep our fingers crossed and pray that this year brings in lots of receptivity 🙂

I am extremely excited while writing this blog, as this recipe is my personal favorite. You can indulge it whole heartedly because of its immense low calorific value. But, let me tell you my friends, I haven’t turned into a keto person, infact this recipe is named as “Keto Bhaji” because there’s negligible carbs in it.

So, without much ado, lets get started!!

Ingredients :-

  1. Oil – 20 ml
  2. Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
  3. Garlic pods – 2 to 3 finely chopped
  4. Green chillies – 2 to 3 finely chopped
  5. Onions – 2 large finely chopped
  6. Tomatoes – 2 large finely chopped
  7. Bell Peppers – 100 gms finely chopped
  8. Cauliflower – 1 large
  9. Carrots – 100 gms
  10. Green Peas – 75 gms
  11. Green Beans – 75 gms
  12. Salt – As per taste
  13. Turmeric Powder – 1 tablespoon
  14. Coriander Powder – 1 tablespoon
  15. Red Chilli Powder – 1 tablespoon
  16. Pav Bhaji Masala Powder – 1 and 1/2 tablespoons
  17. Garam Masala Powder – 1/2 tablespoon
  18. Coriander leaves – To garnish
  19. Lemon juice – 1 tsp

Directions : –

  1. In a pressure cooker, add the chopped cauliflower, carrots, green peas and beans. Add little salt to it and allow it to pressure cook for 3 – 4 whistles at medium-high flame.
  2. While the vegetables are boiling in the cooker, in another cooking pan, add little oil and allow it to heat for sometime.
  3. Now, add in the onions, garlic and green chillies and fry for 4 to 5 minutes until it is golden brown.
  4. Now, add in the tomatoes and bell peppers and fry for another 10 minutes.
  5. Add in the salt and turmeric to this mixture. Close the lid of the pan and cook until the mixture gets soft and mushy.
  6. Once the veggies are boiled, throw out all the water from it and add the veggies to the onions and tomatoes mixture.
  7. Add other spices like Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder and Garam Masala powder. Close the lid and cook for 8-10 minutes.
  8. Make sure the green boiled veggies are evenly mixed with the onions, tomatoes and spices. You can also use the potato masher to mash the veggies in the same pan. The more mashed the veggies are, the more flavorful it is.
  9. Add more salt at this time if needed.
  10. Add in the Pav bhaji masala now and mix it along. Add little water to the bhaji and cook for 10 minutes.
  11. Garnish with coriander leaves and lemon juice.
  12. Bhaji is now ready to be served.

Toast the pav ( Wheat Breads) in butter and enjoy it thoroughly with bhaji !!!! You can even enjoy it with Roti or paranthas.

Please try making it at home and let me know how it turns out.Also, for more such receipes, please follow me on WordPress and Instagram @aanchal6867


Homemade Eggless Wheat Cake

Hello Everyone,

I am back again on my blog presenting a new dessert or I should say one of the most loved dessert of all time – Cake. But, this time it is with a little twist. Yes, its sugarless and made with Whole Wheat Flour.

I was a little skeptical on using whole wheat flour and later also decided to add half proportion of all purpose flour, however, I did change my mind and thought of giving it a try by using complete whole wheat flour. Trust me my friends, I wasn’t disappointed with the results as the cake turned out to be delicious.

I did not use eggs in my cake, rather used sweetened condensed milk as an alternative. You can also use Yogurt mixed with little vinegar/lemon juice. You can refer to my previous posts and check out the cakes baked using yogurt : – Marble Cake.

So, without much ado, lets start : –

Preparation Time : 10 minutes, Cooking Time : 45 minutes, Calories : 320/serving

Ingredients : –

  1. Whole Wheat Flour – 120 gms
  2. Baking Powder – 1/2 tablespoon
  3. Sweetened Condensed Milk – 125 Ml
  4. Vanilla Extract – 1 teaspoon
  5. Unsalted Butter – 80 gms
  6. Water – 1/2 cup

Directions : –

  1. Grease a baking tray (6*6 inches) with little butter and parchment paper and keep it aside.
  2. Pre-heat the oven at 180 degree Celsius.
  3. In a mixing bowl, add the dry ingredients – Whole wheat Flour and baking powder.
  4. Now, start adding the wet ingredients – Condensed Milk, Vanilla essence and mix it roughly.
  5. In another pan, add half cup of water and 80 gms of butter and boil it on a medium flame (until 1 boil). Turn off the heat.
  6. Add this butter mixture to the cake batter and give it a nice mix. You can add little more water if you feel the batter is too thick.
  7. Transfer the cake batter to the greased baking tray.
  8. Bake it at 180 degree Celsius for 40-45 mins.

Cake is now ready to be eaten. This quantity is enough to serve 3-4 people. However, if you are making it for a larger group, please change the quantity as per the requirement.

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How to make Mexican Quesadilla

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are having a great start to the new year. Let me ask you, do you have any new year resolution for this year? If yes, please comment down below and let me know how is it going along ? I do have few of them and I am trying my best to keep myself encouraged and amplified.

So, as the subject already suggests, I did try the Mexican Quesadillas at home and it turned out really good. The filling of the Quesadillas totally depends upon your choice, I did use some fresh chicken breasts and veggies, however you can go for the vegetarian version which is equally tempting and appetizing.

The quesadilla has its origins in colonial Mexico. The quesadilla as a dish has changed and evolved over many years as people experimented with different variations of it. Quesadillas are frequently sold at Mexican restaurants all over the world. I did try this recipe using the store-bought tortillas. However, you can make your own tortillas at home, and I would share its recipe very soon. Stay Tuned 🙂

So, without much ado, lets start the recipe !!

Preparation Time : 15 minutes, Cooking Time : 15 minutes, Calories : 214 Kcal

Ingredients : –

  1. Tortillas Bread – 4 to 5
  2. Oil – 1 tablespoon
  3. Butter 1 tablespoon
  4. Garlic – 2 pods chopped
  5. Assorted and grated Cheese – 1 cup
  6. Onions – 2 chopped
  7. Grated Carrot – 1 large
  8. Grated Peas – 1/2 cup
  9. Bell peppers – 1 large finely chopped
  10. Tomato Sauce – 2 tablespoons
  11. Salt – As per taste
  12. Black Pepper Powder – 1 tablespoon
  13. Mexican Dressing Sauce/ Salad dressing sauce – 1 tablespoon
  14. Chicken breasts – 100 gms

Directions : –

  1. In a pan, add oil and allow it to get heated up. Once heated, add the garlic and fry for a min.
  2. Now, add the grated onions, carrots, peas, bell peppers and cook for another 5 mins. Make sure not to overcook the mixture. It should be soft enough to be used as a filling.
  3. Now, add salt, black pepper powder, tomato sauce and dressing sauce. The dressing sauce is optional over here. If you do not have it, just skip it 🙂
  4. In another pan, add little oil. Once heated up, add the chicken breasts. Add salt and pepper powder.
  5. Cook the breasts until both sides gets evenly brown and cooked. This would take approx 10 mins. The mixture is now ready.
  6. Grease a nonstick pan with butter. Place the tortillas in the pan and cook for 1 min. Flip the tortilla.
  7. Add the veggie mixture and chicken breasts on one side/half of the tortillas. Top it up with grated cheese. Now, fold and cover it with the other half of the tortilla ( like a half moon).
  8. Make sure the ends are the evenly toasted. You will notice that the cheese has melted inside.

The tortillas are now ready to be served. I really loved the crunch of the veggies and the delicious cheese pull. You can make the filling with any vegetable of your choice and enjoy at home.

Please do try it out and let me know how it turns out to be. Also, for much such content please like, share and follow me on Instagram and WordPress @aanchal6867

Food Recipe

Homemade Spinach Soup and Croutons

Hello Everyone,

Wish you all a very welcoming and happy new year. May this year brings in a lot of happiness and positivity and may God fulfills all your wishes this year.

I know I could post anything last week, and I guess you might have guesses why ..:D Yes, the holiday season and a long break from work was indeed needed to start the year with a refreshing smile. As promised, this year I would try my hands on doing and integrating my blog with the videos. Please stay tuned 🙂

Talking about today’s blog post, I am going to start this year’s content with one of the healthiest,low-calorie and comforting lunch choice of mine – Spinach Soup. What would be more embracing than sipping a hot bowl of spinach soup in this chilly weather. I truly love it and I am going to share this recipe with you all.

So, without much ado, lets get started !!

Preparation Time : 10 minutes, Cooking Time : 25 minutes, Calories : 223/serving

Ingredients : –

  1. Spinach : – 200 gms
  2. Oil – 2 tablespoons
  3. Butter – 1/2 tablespoon
  4. Chopped Garlic pods – 2
  5. Chopped onions – 1 large
  6. Bay Leaf – 1
  7. Salt – As per taste
  8. Black pepper powder – 1 tablespoon
  9. Cumin powder – 1 tablespoon
  10. Gram Flour /Besan – 1 tablespoon
  11. Brown Bread – 1 -2 slices

Directions : –

Soup : –

  1. In a cooking pan, heat little oil.
  2. Add the bay leaf and the chopped garlic and allow it to cook for a min.
  3. Now, add the chopped onions and fry until they get translucent.
  4. Finely chop the spinach and add in the pan and give it a nice mix.
  5. Now, add just 1 tablespoon of Gram Flour/Besan to this mix and cook for 5-10 mins until the raw flavor goes away.
  6. Add, salt and black pepper powder and give it a nice stir. Also, add cumin powder and cook it along. Cook for 10 more mins.
  7. Now, add 1/2 cup water and turn of the heat of the gas.
  8. Transfer the mixture to a mixer grinder or a food blender and blend it.
  9. Now, once it gets smoothly blended, add 2 more cups of water to bring it to a soupy consistency.
  10. You can season it with more salt and pepper and adjust according to your taste.
  11. Soup is now ready 🙂

Croutons :-

  1. Take a slice of brown bread and apply little butter or margarine to it.
  2. Slice the bread like croutons using a knife.
  3. Transfer the slices to an airfryer or an oven and cook it for 7-8 minutes and 360 degree Farenheit.
  4. Crispy croutons are now ready 🙂

You can even season your soup with low fat cream or full fat cream which enhances the flavor.

Please do try this at home and let me know how it turns out to be. Also, for more such recipes, please follow me on WordPress and Instagram @aanchal6867


Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes

Hello Everyone,

Do you all crave for a warm and a hearty dessert in this chilly weather and what would be a better option than a chocolaty cupcake with nice and sultry hot coffee. It would be a perfect icing on the cake if the muffins are healthier and vigorous and you do not really need to worry about the extra added calories.

I usually enjoy eating these healthy bites after my dinner and today I will share a very quick and easy recipe of the same. As I did mention before, these have low fat/low carbs and completely sugarfree. Loaded with chocolate and cocoa, which is considered as a great antioxidant. Studies show that dark chocolate (not the sugary ones) can improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease

Without much ado, lets dig in !!

Preparation Time : 10 minutes, Cooking Time : 25 minutes, Calories : 52/muffin

Ingredients : –

All Purpose Flour – 100 gms

Almond Flour- 100 gms

Butter – 50 gms

Egg- 1

Salt – 1/4 teaspoon

Baking Powder – 2 teaspoons

Milk – 120 ml

Vanilla Extract – 1 and 1/2 teaspoons

Jaggery Powder – 60 gms

Cocoa Powder – 50 gms

Semi sweet Dark Chocolate chips – 4 oz


  1. The first step is to mix in the dry and the wet ingredients separately.
  2. In a mixing bowl, add in the ( Dry Ingredients) All purpose and the Almond Flour together. Now, add in the salt, baking powder, cocoa and jaggery powder and give it a nice stir.
  3. In another mixing bowl, add in the ( Wet Ingredients) Milk, egg and vanilla extract and beat it properly.
  4. In another bowl, add the semi sweet Choco chips, add the butter to it and microwave it for 1 min so that the Choco chips melts completely.
  5. Mix in the Wet Ingredients and the choco chip mixture with the dry ingredients and mix it well using the cut and fold method.
  6. You can add little milk or buttermilk if you find the batter very thick.
  7. Now, pour in the batter to the muffin tray. You can sprinkle little choco chip on the top as well so that it oozes out when baked completeley.
  8. Preheat the oven at 190 degree Celsius for 6 mins. Now, bake the muffins for 22 mins at 190 degree Celsius.

Muffins are now ready to be served. Please do try this and let me know how it turns out to be.

Also, if you like the content of my blog, please do like and comment. Also, please follow me on WordPress and Instagram @aanchal6867

Food Recipe

Healthy Rava Idli

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone’s keeping themselves cozy and warm. There was one thing which was consistent throughout this year and thats none other than “Work From Home”. Some believe that it has made us lazy and inactive, and others also got a chance to accentuate their hidden skills to keep oneself occupied. While the morning calls from home aren’t too pleasant, at the same time maintaining a healthy routine and lifestyle is also little burdensome.

I try and make sure that I do not overstuff myself with the unhealthy stuff especially during the day time. I rather have some handy recipes on hand which I prefer eating to keep myself energetic throughout the day. I did already share couple of the recipes in my previous posts, however this one that I am posting today has become one of my personal favorite and I am sure you are going to like it as well – Yes, its ” Rava Idli”.

Packed with nutrients, Suji/Rava/Semolina is highly recommended for those trying to lose weight. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, 100-gram of unenriched semolina contains only about 360 calories and zero cholesterol. It keeps you full for a longer time and prevents weight gain.

So, without much ado, lets start the quick recipe !!

Preparation Time : 10 minutes, Cooking Time : 15 minutes, Calories : 35/idli

Ingredients: –

  1. Suji/Rava – 1 cup
  2. Plain Yogurt – 1/2 cup
  3. Salt – As per taste
  4. Olive Oil – 1 tablespoon
  5. Mustard seeds – 1 tablespoon
  6. Urad Dal – 1 tablespoon
  7. Green Chillies – 2 finely chopped
  8. Coriander leaves – finely chopped
  9. Eno / Baking Powder – 1/2 tablespoon

Directions : –

  1. In a mixing bowl, add the Rava, Yogurt and salt and give it a nice mix. At this time the batter would be too thick, so little water to maintain a right consistency. It should not be too runny or thin, rather should be of a pouring consistency.
  2. Now, keep this batter aside to rest for few minutes. While the batter is resting, keep the idli cooker ready by boiling water and greasing the base of the cooker using oil.
  3. In another pan, add little olive oil and allow it to heat. Once the oil gets heated up, add the Mustard seeds, Urad Dal and Green chillies and allow it to splutter.
  4. Now, add this mixture into the batter prepared in step-1 and give it a nice mix.
  5. At this point, add eno/baking powder and mix it again so that it rises a bit.
  6. Pour the batter into the idli cooker. Cook the idlis for 15 minutes until it is completely cooked and comes out clean.

Enjoy the idlis with Chutney/Sambar or you can even without any sides. Trust me, it would taste equally yummy 🙂

Please do try this at home and let me know how it turns out to be. Also, for more such recipes, please follow me on Instagram and WordPress @aanchal6867.