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Saveurs du Monde Reviews


Hope everyone had a blast over the thanksgiving weekend. Yes, the American harvest season has started and so is the onset of the fall. Thanksgiving is the best time to gather with family/friends/relatives and eat a lot of food 🙂

I too celebrated my long weekend in the most ethnic French province of Canada – Quebec City. It was the best time to visit the city to see the various colors of the fall and to get amused by the Halloween celebrations all over the city. The finest part of the city is the charming architecture and the original french settlers in the area built in an architectural style similar to the French style.

Now, how can I talk about Quebec and do not mention the food and desserts? Yes, I did try quite a variety of cuisines there and would like to log my review on one of the middle eastern restaurant called – Saveurs Du Monde.

If you are in Quebec city and walking at the Rue St.John Street you will find this restaurant ( opposite to Thai express). This place had many options of middle eastern food starting from Appetizers to Entree to Dessert. The thing I liked about this place was the combo option pinned with every dish, this way you can try number of dishes in the same plate in an affordable rate. They had many variations of sandwiches ( Chicken/Mutton and Beef) clubbed with fries and a soft drink. They also had good options of Shawarma and Falafel ( Veg/Chicken/Mutton) plate clubbed with Cheese poutine.

If you are not inclined towards the sandwiched and wraps options, you can even go for the Salad recipe which contains a Pasta cooked in chilli and turmeric sauce clubbed with varieties of veggies and shredded chicken or mutton. The recipe which I tried as an Entree was the Kabab Platter. The Kabab Platter had cooked pulao rice with Chicken kabab/Mutton Kabab/Beef Kabab paired with lettuce/cucumbers/Bell peppers and French Fries. The cost of the chicken kabab platter was $10.99 and the cost for the mutton kabab platter was $12.99. They also had an option of combining both chicken and mutton kabab with an additional $2.99.

I really liked the texture of the chicken and Mutton. They were evenly cooked and of course quite flavorful. The rice was cooked in herbs and spices and gave an amazing taste to the palate. They also served cream cheese and hummus as a side sauce and it was perfectly amalgamating with the recipe. The fries in the plate were hot and crunchy. I am not a very big fan of fries, hence could not eat the complete portion of it.

Now, there is one thing I did observe in the restaurants and that was their Dessert – Baklava. They had almost 10 different flavors of Baklava and each one of them looked very tempting. Unfortunately, there was no room left to try the desserts but I have read that they have the best Baklava in the town.

Overall the experience was very pleasant. They had tasty food, friendly staff members and the place was clean and defined. So, if you get a chance to visit Quebec city and if you want to take a break from the American and French Cuisine, do try this place. I will also re visit this place for sure ( to try the Baklava 😉 ).

I am posting a picture below the Kabab platter.

kabab platter

Food Review

Labothery – Bubble Tea Reviews

Hello Again,

Its already Thursday, the week is about to end and the Canadians are more pumped up for the weekend as it as a ” LONG WEEKEND” 🙂 So, what are your plans for the weekend ? Shopping/Travelling/Restaurants?

So, if you plan to go to Toronto Downtown towards the Bay Street you will find one unique shop which is called ” Labothery”. And, today I am going to pen down my reviews on Labothery – One of the most famous places for bubble tea.

This place happens to be very near to my workplace and me being a huge bubble tea fan I end up picking up my favorite beverage every now and then. You might be thinking why am I calling this place unique. Yes, this place is one- of a kind, it is a place where you can make your own bubble Tea.

So, as the name suggests Labothery, it is outlined and mapped out just like a laboratory. As you enter the shop you will see the staffs wearing the long white Lab coats, towards the left side you will also see the flavored tea packed in syringes and test tubes.When I talk about the flavour they have an amazing collection of Peach/Mango/Lychee/Grape/Raspberry/Taro/Durian and Rose. You can grab one of those flavors and then you will see 3 varieties of sugar syringes – Maple Syrup/Brown Sugar and White Sugar which can choose as per your liking.

I like my tea sugar free and milk free and hence did not really select any sugar substitute ( as the tea flavor is itself strong ). After the syringes are selected you will find a sliding chamber which is my most liked part..haha..

Yes, now, here comes the bubble effect – the POPPING BOBA. They have a wide variety of pearls/ popping boba like Blueberry, Green Apple, Honey, Aloe Vera, Kiwi, strawberry etc. Popping boba has a thin, gel-like skin with juice inside that bursts when squeezed. The ingredients for popping boba generally consist of water, sugar, fruit juice or other flavors.

Apart from the popping pearls, they also have a wide variety of flavored Tapioca and jelly. Now, once you have selected your required syringes and boba, you can proceed to the counter and ask the Lab Technicians to make the tea for you. They usually mix it with a green tea or a black tea base.

My personal favourite of all is the Pearl flavor mixed with the Green Tea induced with the Green apple popping Boba. The cost of each tea is $7.95 and if you get the chewy tapioca or the Soy Milk added they charge an additional $1 and also 25 cents for the maple syrup or the brown sugar.

I literally love every sip of my tea. It is a perfect blend of the Green tea mixed with the peachy flavor with some sweet bursts of the Green Apple pearl. To my understanding i feel that whatever combination you choose it will taste amazing. The place is nice and clean and very well managed by the staff.

I would recommend everyone to visit this place at least once and experience the creative yet cool place of bubble tea. You will love every bit of it. I am posting a picture below of the Peachy Tea with Green Apple Boba.

Bubble Tea
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Millie Patisserie – Crepe Cakes Reviews

The weather in Canada is changing , It is September and the cooler temperature is providing relief from the heat and humidity of August. The leaves on the trees begin their transformation to absolutely stunning shades of orange, yellow and maple red.

Now, who is having some sweet craving in this weather ? Is it you..? haha..Then, let me tell you about a fantastic patisserie where i went over the weekend to indulge in the sweetness of “Crepe Cake”. Crepe is very famed French dish, it is so popular in France that there is a day dedicated for eating the same- February 2nd – Crepe Day

Crepes is quite similar to the American Pancakes or the Indian Dosa. So, basically there are 2 types of crepes – Sweet and Savory. The sweet crepe is made out of -all purpose flour, eggs and sugar. The savory crepe is made with buckwheat flour which makes it more nutty and gives it a chewy texture. The batter of the crepe should be very thin and should not be airy/fluffy. The end result should be slim and extremely soft. The dish might sound very easy but you definitely need some mastered skills to make perfect crepes.

Crepe Cakes are basically 10-12 layers of crepes layered using Whipped Cream/condensed milk. It can be further customized by adding various flavours to the batter. There is one Crepe cake which went viral over the internet and was eaten by almost all the mukbangers – Rainbow Crepe Cake a.k.a Unicorn Crepe cake.

Coming back to Millie Patisserie you can find this little shop while taking an exit at the Spadina Avenue, at Oxley Street. I went to this shop over the weekend and they had 4 flavors of Crepe Cake. When i spoke to the lady at the shop, understood that their flavours and options keeps changing with the weather. The ones listed were the Matcha ( $8.90) Earl Gray ( $8.90) Tiramisu ( $8.74) and Vanilla Bean ( $8.74).

Not a huge fan of tea so opted to eat the tiramisu and the vanilla bean. One bite into their crepe cakes and you’ll forget anything exists around you but the burst of flavor and texture in your palate. They were not too sweet, they were light, creamy and buttery. Yes, it was definitely a freshly prepared batch of crepe cake.

So impressed! After days of wanting to try the Crepe Cake, it was worth the wait and the price. I can only imagine the amount of work it would take to put this together to give such awesome end result. They also had good options of Cheesecake and Ice Creams. The ice cream flavors were quite distinctive like the Thai Ice Tea, Pandan, Coconut, Black Sesame and Yuzu. I could not try their Ice Cream and Cheese cake but i am very certain that i will go again to try them.

Whether you are a dessert fan or not, you should and must try this patisserie and trust me you will never regret. It is shop with little seating arrangements so you can even plan for take aways.

I am posting below the picture of Tiramisu and Vanilla Bean Cake. Also, i will add the picture of most famous Rainbow Crepe Cake ( which is not available in the shop but ofcourse in my to-eat list ) 🙂

Tiramisu and Vanilla Bean @ Millie Patisserie

Rainbow Crepe Cakes

Food Review

La Carnita – Review

Good Afternoon Everyone,

As we all know that the weekend is in line descending by, yesterday myself and my team at work went to this Mexican Fusion restaurant named ” La Carnita”.

I am here today quoting down my reviews on this restaurant. There are total of 5 franchisee for this restaurant in Toronto, they are at – John Street, Queen Street, College Street, Eglinton Avenue and Square one city centre drive. We went to the one near to my workplace which was located at John Street, just north of the Bell lighthouse.

The place seems to be give you a retro and vintage look both from outside as well as from inside. It is a two storeyed place which fills up really fast as it is located in the centre of the Toronto downtown and of course because of its delicious menu on plate. Talking about the menu, they cover almost all the authentic mexican names – Tacos, Burritos, Tostadas, Tortillas and what not …..

The menu do have the signature La Carnita fusion dishes which includes Tortila Chips with Dip ( $5.95), In cod we trust Tacos ( $4.95), Achiote Chicken ( $5.95), Spicy Tuna ( $6.95), Creamy Mushroom ( $5.95), Crispy Cotija ( $5.75). The rates listed in the menu were pretty reasonable and worth the cost.

They have this Lunch Frixie offer which includes – 1 starter , it could be either the corn chips with Dipping sauce; 2 tacos on the entree, it could be any Taco of your choice and ending with a dessert. I will talk about the dessert part later 🙂

The best thing i liked about the place was their Corn chips along with the Dipping Sauce. The chips were accurately roasted and was giving a crunch in each bite. It had some ground spices ( it tasted more like earthy black pepper) sprinkled on top of the chips which made it even more delicious. It was paired with Guacamole and Salsa sauce. Let me tell you, it was the most amazing Guacamole sauce i ever had in my life until now. It was tangy, buttery and the cream of the avocado was literally melting in the mouth.

I did order 2 Tacos – The first one was Achiote Chicken made from a blend of spices that includes oregano, cumin, clove, cinnamon, black pepper, and garlic, achiote paste (also known as recado rojo). It was served with a bright and spicy pineapple-cilantro salsa to balance out the deep spices of the grilled chicken. Each bite was stipulating a blend of sweetness/sourness and a hint of spiciness. It was something unique and of course really flavorful.

The second tacos was Crispy Cotija which was a vegetarian option and one of my wisest decision ..haha… So Cotija is basically hard cow’s milk cheese in street food-style cookies, sweet-salty corn salad or on top of black bean dip. So, this taco had red bean gravy garnished with pickled carrots/cilantro and fried Cotija Cheese. The mix of the Cotija and red bean was making this Taco a perfect one!!.

They also had many other options like Spicy creamy Mushroom, sweet potato, Baja Shrimp and Pollo Frito. My colleagues also had the spicy mushroom and did provide an excellent feedback. Pollo Frito Tacos had this fried chicken topping on top, i could not try those but did receive good feedback for that as well.

Last but not the least, we did order the 2 very popular mexican desserts ( churros and tres lache cake). Both the desserts were sugary, loaded with immense flavor and worth the penny.

I really cannot describe all of those in more words, you must visit this place if you get a chance to visit downtown or Mississauga.I bet you will never regret.

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Crispy Cotija and Achiote Chicken Tacos

Food Review

Dainties Macaron Review

Hello Everyone, Hope you are going through a fantastic week. I am here again on my blog pouring down my thoughts and reviews on some of the known restaurants of Toronto, Canada.

Most of us are great fan of desserts, i would not say “SO AM I” because i am not ..haha.. Yes, but i do love exploring and trying out different cuisine including the sweet dishes.

Today i would like to pen down my reviews on one of the most famed and prominent dessert ” Macaron”. Yes, you got it right – The small round cakes with a meringue-like consistency, made with egg whites, sugar, and powdered almonds and a creamy filling in between.

Dainties Macaron:

I will first start with Dainties Macaron which is based out of Toronto, Spadina Avenue.

If you are walking in downtown towards the Chinatown, you will find this cute shop on the way and they are known for both Macarons and ice cream filled sandwiches. The best part of this patisserie is everything is in house and freshly baked.

I visited the place last week and did find many interesting options available. There were about 14 distinct flavours of Macaron ( $2.95) each and 8 larger Macarons filled with Ice-cream ( $6.95) each. Some of the amazing flavours listed were Red Velvet, Vanilla, Green Tea a.k.a Motcha, Earl Gray, Vanilla, Milk Tea, Oreo, Kit Kat etc..

All of them were really sweet and crumbly. You can literally enjoy the strong blended flavors in each bite. Another thing which i liked about the place was the size of the Macaron ( It was not the usual size as seen in any other french cafe). All the Macaron cake were neatly packed in an individual case.

The most distinctive feature of this Macaron was the cream filling which was made with butter cream, It was blending perfectly with the outer Meringue covering. 2 of my personal favorites were Red Velvet ( which reminds of an Indian dessert and takes me back to my childhood days) and Kit Kat Macaron ( that actually had a piece of kit kat in between making it more attractive).

Butter Cream has the tendency to melt easily so if you are planning to take away, they would recommend you to pack it along with an ice pack ( which they already have it handy).

I could not try the Ice cream filled sandwiches Macaron but would definitely go for another visit to try the same. I would stronly recommend everyone to visit Dainties Macaron and indulge with a creamy twist in your life :).